NK Google Analytics

NK Google Analytics adds the required javascript to track your website, it supports classic, universal and remarketing Google Analytics tracking code.

NK Google Analytics its simple, just add your Google Analytics ID.


  • Supports standard Google Analytics tracking via the latest async tracking methods (faster and more reliable than the older ga.js tracking method)
  • Inserts your tracking code on all theme pages
  • Supports Classic tracking code
  • Supports Universal tracking code
  • Supports Display Advertising tracking code
  • Supports custom Google Analytics tracking code
  • No tracking for admin users logged-in.

NK Google Analytics enables Google Analytics on all pages.

Please, download from official wordpress plugin directory

Download link

40 thoughts on “NK Google Analytics”

  1. Hello!!

    Is it enough with the ID or do I need to copy/pase the code generated by Google into the interface using the custom google tracking code? I don´t know that that means…


  2. Your plug in has added the tracking code visibly on every page and I cannot locate where or how to remove it. even when I removed the plugin it stays there – please help me to remove this!!

    1. Hi, this plugin just add the necessary javascript code to enable Google Analytics tracking code on your website, to view reports of activity you must to login into Google Analytics

    1. The wording…
      “NK Google Analytics Status”
      needs to be changed.
      I don’t know if it publicly displays something on the website saying that I use NK google analytics, OR does this “enable NK Google Analytics” on the site?

      The word Status means it’s displaying as on or off. For wordpress plugins many of them have a “status” of show that I use this plugin… which i don’t think this means.

      NK Google Analytics

  3. Hi, I’m having the same issue. I have installed the plugin and added my ID in the settings but Google Analytics is saying “Tracking not installed”.

    The url is theology-centre.org.uk

    Can you have a look to see what’s going on?


  4. I installed your Plugin 20 hours ago. Very soon afterwards Google Analytics reported my site was now active. Good!

    Today I am greeted by a message from Google Analytics “Warning: You have created at least one remarketing list, but have not made the necessary changes to your tracking code. Without these changes, your remarketing lists will remain empty and your ad campaigns may not run.”.

    I set NK settings to ‘Classical..’, ‘Enable Display Advertising’ =Yes, ‘Custom..’=No.

    Have I done something wrong?

  5. I cleared that message by logging OUT of my website. As soon as I logged out, the message disappeared so clearly there is an inhibit while the site owner is actively working on his website.

  6. Thank you for this plugin; I think people will need clear statement

    What was already said above:
    1) you need to go to google analytics, create an account and get the code
    2) once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you edit the program (copy and paste in notepad++ if you prefer)
    3) At line 21 you change UA-00000000-1 by your own id

    and then please confirm this:
    4) At line 24, you replace mydomain.com by your own site name
    5) At line 90 you replace once again UA-00000000-1 by your own id

    Nothing else?

    1. Hi and Thanks!

      i will review some things that all you are telling me, i hope upload and update the plugin soon.

      If you are using Universal Analytics, yes, only must to replace lines 24 and 90.

      thank you again ;-)

  7. Hi. I had been using a different Google Analytics plug in and realized today that for the last month it wasn’t working. When I checked it showed it had not been updated for six years and that it might not be compatible with the new version of WordPress. (It had worked before.)

    Today, I installed NK Google Analytics. Enabled it, filled in the “settings’ page but GA still showed Tracking not installed.

    I came here, saw the changes I had to made to lines 21,24 and 90. I did that. It’s still showing “Tracking Not Installed.”

    How long does it take for GA to recognize the tracking number? Or could it be something else? Thanks.

    BTW, will this program go back and reinstall the GA tracking code in pages I’ve written prior to installing your program?

    1. Hi, you must wait some minutes, but no more, if you want you can add the provided script from GA as “Custom Google Analytics tracking code” and enable the option “Use custom Google Analytics tracking code”

  8. Hi, I don’t see any gogle analytics stats. Can it be because the stats from wordpress.com are active? And will I be able to see from which countries people are viewing my web site? Thanks!

  9. Hola

    Muchas gracias por el plugin. No consigo activar “Demographics and Interest Reports” a pesar de haber activado Classic Analytics, Display Advertising y utilizar el custom code de GA.

    Entiendo que después de ajustar el plugin, debo validar el tracking code en GA, correcto? Pues GA insiste en “Validate tracking code”.


    1. Hola Julio, disculpa la demora en la respuesta, con utilizar el “custom code” debería funcionar adecuadamente siempre y cuando el plugin esté activado. Espero pronto tener una actualización disponible. Saludos

  10. Hi, I am having the same problem – the google analytics stats are not active. I installed and activated the plug in about an hour ago. I went to check the “Real Time ” and nothing happens.

    Please advise.

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